We hold temporary exhibitions of the
Musical Instruments with History collection.
A sample of musical instruments that existed in the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque and that were protagonists of the music of their time.

Emilio Villalba. Música antigua

A living exhibition

What makes this Exhibition a unique collection is the experience that the visitor will live by being able to listen to each and every one of the instruments that make up the collection. Micro-concerts where Emilio Villalba and Sara Marina carry out this sound journey.

A didactic exhibition

During the guided tours we tell you anecdotes, stories and details of the instruments in the collection.

What instruments are exposed?

The instruments in the collection are faithful reconstructions based on specimens represented in famous works of art: painting, sculpture or literature. They are all in perfect used condition and we play them at our concerts and shows.

Explanatory signs

Designed exclusively for each exhibition by Emilio Villalba, the posters accompany each instrument giving information about the history, curiosities and interesting facts.

Choose your collection

Our collection of 70 historical instruments allows us to hold exhibitions on different themes. Choose the Exhibition that best suits the programming of your festival, commemoration or party.

'Instruments of the Wise King'

A tour of the instruments that appear in the Cantigas de Santa María by Alfonso X (13th century)

'The ages of music'

A sample of the instruments that were played in the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque (10th to 18th centruries)

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